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Herzlich willkommen!

My name is Ligeia and I'm 18 years old. Currently I'm living in the south of Germany not far away from Munich. I'm really interested in languages, that's why I try to learn Welsh, Japanese and Hungary in my free time. And, of course, I have been learning English for seven years.. unfortunately I make still a lot of mistakes, I hope you don't mind that.

In my opinion the best way to learn new languages is to communicate with other people - but sometimes this can be difficult, because if you are a beginner, it's not easy to build correct sentences. This makes it complicated to talk or to write to someone. That was the reason for me to create this homepage for foreigners who want to learn German. This site is suitable for everyone who wants to memorise easy sentences, so I won't explain much grammar here. I hope you will be soon able to talk, write or speak German!

Lots of fun!

Ligeia :-)



If you can't type in the letters ü, ä, ö and ß, you can write

ü = ue
ä = ae
ö = oe
ß = ss



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